SC's Nonprofit Summit is brought to you by Together SC | MARCH 5 - 7, 2018 | HILTON HEAD

Why Attend?

Get your learn on and treat yo’ self at the 2018 SC Nonprofit Summit!

Why YOU Should Attend the 2018 Summit!

We’ve never quite understood the phrase, “have your cake and eat it, too.” If we’re presented with a delicious cake, of course we’re going to want to eat it — who wouldn’t?

And if you had the opportunity to get out of the office, meet other nonprofit leaders like you and spend your downtime enjoying a tropical spa getaway, wouldn’t you want to do that, too?

That’s why we’ve decided to host this year’s 2018 SC Nonprofit Summit at the Westin Resort and Spa in Hilton Head — because it is the tropical equivalent of a delicious cake and we want you to enjoy every last bit of it.

As if you needed more reason than “we’re hosting the Summit at a resort and spa,” we’ve got a few others that may help you convince yourself or your boss that this is where you need to be from March 5-7, 2018:

          • It’s affordable. Seriously. It is probably one of the most affordable conferences around, given the level of talent that will be there, the number of speakers and events, and the fact that it is at a resort. Including registration ($275 for members), your room ($155/night), and any additional costs like gas, meals, etc. it adds up to less than $1000 for the whole three days! Pretty amazing, right?
          • Networking, networking, networking. Oh, and also, networking. Hundreds of nonprofit leaders will be at the Summit, which gives you the perfect opportunity to meet new people, make important connections and learn best practices from respected thought leaders in our nonprofit sector. Even if you spend half a day napping on the beach, that still leaves you with two and a half days to take advantage of countless networking opportunities. So, worth it.
          • Did we mention it’s at a resort? We aren’t joking when we say this one of the best resorts in Hilton Head. Spacious rooms, gorgeous ocean views and plenty of spa music to help you get your full eight hours and then some, the Summit is the definition of business leisure. Oh, and attendees will receive a 10 percent discount on the resort’s spa services. Just sayin’.
          • You’ll help support economic development. After getting hit by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, coastal Carolina tourism took a major hit. Parts of the coast suffered flooding, beach erosion and significant infrastructure and property damage. By attending the 2018 Summit, you’ll be helping the coastal economy bounce back in the best way possible.

So get your learn on and treat yo’ self at the 2018 SC Nonprofit Summit — register begins in September!