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Life is not scripted. Conversations with our donors should not be either.
05 Mar 2018

They Asked You To Do What? Ethics in Fundraising

Learn to navigate ethical dilemmas in fundraising. Have you ever been the recipient of a “gift” only to find out that strings were attached? Were you ever promised a commission...
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Tina Gentry
06 Mar 2018

Tools for Conducting a Winning Capital Campaign

The time has come for you to: Access. Design. Engage. Structure. Access your organization’s readiness to launch a capital campaign. Design a capital campaign, including an environmental scan and feasibility...
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Dennis Hanthorn

Great Fundraising Events: from Experience to Transformation

Dive into new research from the Rogare Fundraising Think Tank at Plymouth University, which outlines for the first time what factors may play a part in distinguishing outstanding fundraising events...
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Jay Love
07 Mar 2018

Loyal Donors Know More Than Most Fundraisers

Learn to interview your donors in order to gain valuable insight on donor behaviors. The Coastal Conservation League was founded in 1989; we currently have about 2,000 active donors. 65 of...
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Shannyn Smith