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05 Mar 2018
06 Mar 2018
07 Mar 2018

Sunrise Yoga on the Beach

Yogi Marty Crocker will be leading us through Beach Yoga this year. Unless you are a local or have in depth knowledge of the yoga scene, you will have a...
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Summit Registration

Closes at 5p.m.

Board Leadership Summit

Focusing on Board Governance: Using the Leadership Lens Nonprofit board members know their job is to govern. But high-performing boards provide leadership as well as governance. Certified Leadership and Strategy...
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Patrick Jinks

Site Visits

It’s not very often that you get an inside look into the inner workings of some of South Carolina’s most innovative and successful nonprofits. But as part of the SC...
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Lunch on your own

Lunch on your own

Conversations for CommUnity

Are we able to alter the course of history? Gandhi believed so, stating, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the...
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Maria Fabrizio
Trahern Cook
Jonathan Parker
Marlanda Dekine

Conversations in Practice

On the heels of the keynote presentation, we are excited to offer this unique workshop. Taking the skills and insights from the “Conversations for CommUnity“, you will immediately be able...
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Frances Poe
Edwina Hoyle
Jonathan Parker
Adela Mendoza
Kat Morgan
Brian Jaudon
Charles Weathers

They Asked You To Do What? Ethics in Fundraising

Learn to navigate ethical dilemmas in fundraising. Have you ever been the recipient of a “gift” only to find out that strings were attached? Were you ever promised a commission...
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Tina Gentry

Moving Your Board From Hands On to Strategic Governance

Observe the benefits of establishing a three committee structure and how doing so will aid in moving your Board from Hands-on to Strategic. We will examine the Hispanic Alliance which...
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Ellen Stevenson
Adela Mendoza

What’s Your Influence Style?

Come join us for this popular workshop where you will complete the Change Style Indicator and receive feedback on your influence style. You will get tips on being more effective...
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Janet Porter

Building a Solid Partnership: Effective Executive Director – Board Chair Relationships

Learn an innovative and effective method for creating a solid foundation for a healthy and effective working relationship between the board chair and executive director. Master how to be proactive...
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Darion Morgan
Norma Jean Huerta
Brian Jaudon

Excelling at Executive Transitions

Hear first-hand how one organization transitioned with a new Executive Director and developing Board during the new ED’s first year. Perspectives from both board leadership and Executive Directors will be...
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Kaky Grant
Nichole Myles
Allan Burrows

Digging Deep on Rural Health Issues: SC’s Rural Health Action Plan & a Synergistic Approach to Fighting Hunger

Come see how the South Carolina Office of Rural Health remains a non-profit, non-partisan organization. Their initiative is to lead a statewide effort to bring together the state’s rural communities...
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Melinda Merrell
Nicholas Julian

Birds of a Feather Happy Hour

Come relax and connect with like-minded peers during our annual “Birds of a Feather” gathering. Bring your flock or just come connect with your flock, grab a drink, and mix...
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Sponsors Reception (Invitation Only)

Sponsors, please join us as we celebrate your contributions allowing us to make this years Nonprofit Summit possible.

Dinner with Friends

Area restaurants are offering discounts. You can also choose to dine on your own at the resort.

Sunrise Yoga on the Beach

Yogi Marty Crocker will be leading us through Beach Yoga this year. Unless you are a local or have in depth knowledge of the yoga scene, you will have a...
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Creating a Culture of Courage

To become agents of change, we need to build a real culture of courage within our organizations. Darrin Goss,Sr. President and CEO of Coastal Community Foundation, will share his thoughts...
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Darrin Goss Sr.

Advocacy Is Like NASCAR…

Come get tangible tools to help your organization’s advocacy efforts! Looking to create an advocacy strategy around a certain issue? Simply looking for more advocacy training? This session is for...
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GP McLeer

Using Your Financial Statements to Tell Your Story

Gain common sense help to better understand the changes in your financial statements and learn how to communicate those changes with your various constituents. Don’t miss this session. The new...
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Larry Finney

Moving Past Growing Pains

Join Michelle Mapp and Chris Manley as they discuss strategic expansion. You will hear their guidance on evaluating and implementing organizational growth. Expect to walk away with concrete next steps...
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Chris Manley
Michelle Mapp

Tools For Conducting a Winning Capital Campaign

The time has come for you to: Access. Design. Engage. Structure. Access your organization’s readiness to launch a capital campaign. Design a capital campaign, including an environmental scan and feasibility...
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Dennis Hanthorn

Legal Best Practices

Learn more about legal matters related to accountably balancing transparency and confidentiality, establishing a code of ethics and a written conflict of interest policy as well as compliance with applicable...
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Kimberly Witherspoon

Unmasking Inequalities: The Race & Social Justice Initiative and the Making of the Charleston County Racial Disparities Report

Do not miss this intriguing conversation on the state of racial disparities in Charleston County. In November 2017, the College of Charleston’s Race and Social Justice Initiative unveiled a comprehensive...
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Denise Ciccarelli
Daron Lee Calhoun, II
Patricia Williams Lessane

Playing With Fire: True Colors of Leadership!

Learn to identify your work style. Is it… Task-focused? Conceptual and strategic? Do you focus on the relational values of your work? Are you often the life of the office?...
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Eric Rowles


Learn best practices in collecting, storing and using consumer stories in your outreach, fundraising, and advocacy. Sharing stories of the consumer we serve is the best way to raise awareness...
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Shelli Quenga

Logic Models: What They Are and Why You Need One

Come join us for an overview of the uses of logic models. You will see examples of successful logic models and you will be provided with templates and instructions on...
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Robert Kahle
Pat Walker

Great Fundraising Events: From Experience to Transformation

Dive into new research from the Rogare Fundraising Think Tank at Plymouth University, which outlines for the first time what factors may play a part in distinguishing outstanding fundraising events...
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Jay Love

10 Tips To Best Manage Your Organization’s Financial Resources

Come acquire tools to train your Board of Directors and staff members on financial management within your organization. You will learn practical tips taken directly from the Guiding Principles and...
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Doug Snyder
Erik Glaser

Disaster Recovery Planning While the Sun is Shining

Come learn while the rain and seas and winds are calm what recovery looks like from two battered and bruised first hand survivors of three disasters in Georgetown in the...
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Lucy Woodhouse
Kelly Kaminiski

Lunch Buffet in the Nonprofit Marketplace

More than 30 nonprofit businesses and nonprofit members will be exhibiting in the Savannah Foyer throughout the day. Be sure to stop by, say hello and hear what they do...
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Arts for All: Arts and….

The nonprofit arts organization plays an important role in communities. From Arts Education to Arts and Wellness, or Community Arts to Arts Entrepreneurship; these are just some of the many...
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Lydia Cotton
LaMondre Pough
Julia Brown-DuBose
Melanie Huggins
Joy Young

Sit Up and Take Notice!

Using TED Talk Techniques to Truly Engage Your Audiences TED and TEDx Talks are now galvanizing audiences in Charleston, Greenville and Columbia, as well around the country and around the...
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Edith Howle
Tom Bradford

Changemakers + Grantmakers = Partnerships That Have Impact

Join Maria Azuri, the new Director of Foundation Center South in Atlanta, for an in-depth look at the grantmaking process from both sides. We’ll start by exploring the critical steps...
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Kristin Dubrowski
Caroline Sexton
Natalia Valenzuela Swanson
Rev. Tony McDade
Donna Waites
Kevin Smith
Maria Azuri

Volunteer Management: From A to Z

Whether you are just starting to involve volunteers or you’re an experienced professional, join us to learn tips, tricks, and tools to engage volunteers meaningfully in your mission. This session...
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Shannon McClure
Jennifer Gorham
Rachel Vane

Site Visits

It’s not very often that you get an inside look into the inner workings of some of South Carolina’s most innovative and successful nonprofits. But as part of the SC...
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Together SC ​Annual Membership Gathering​ & Awards

We have plenty to celebrate so this won’t be your typical annual meeting. We’re going to celebrate our many accomplishments over the past year, recognize our inspiring leaders and share...
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Allies for Good Oceanfront Reception

Join all your Summit friends on the scenic Oceanfront Deck for drinks, bites and tunes as we continue the conversation and enjoy time together as SC’s Allies for Good.

Summit Registration

Closes at 1p.m.

Save Time and Money with (Free) Online Resources

In this session you will receive a list of vetted online materials geared toward increasing efficiency and minimizing expenditure.  Not only will you leave this session with more resources, but...
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Danielle Breidung

Internal Controls for Your Organization’s Form 990: What to Know

Effective internal controls can be found at all sizes of organizations. For nonprofits with hundreds of employees, to groups with one full-time staff member and dedicated volunteers. This session will...
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Christa Divis

Unifying an Intergenerational Workplace

Learn strategies to bridge the gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials. This interactive workshop is designed to bring together two specific generations, the Baby Boomers and Millennials. Have you ever...
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Debbie Anderson
Daniel Lentz

Building Your Bench: Developing Your Leadership from Within

Learn how to develop a planning toolkit that outlines specific steps for building your bench strength from within. Doing so will result in high performing teams and strong leadership among...
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Marian Logan
Colleen Bozard

Employment Law Developments Under the Trump Administration

Gain insight into the employment and immigration law changes implemented by the Trump Administration. As an employer, no doubt, you have begun to witness differences in the composition of the...
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Melissa Azallion

#MeToo: Sexual Harassment and Abuse in the Nonprofit Sector

As an industry created to support the vulnerable, this sessions discusses the often exacerbated power dynamics nonprofit workers encounter and how their organizations can protect employees, mitigate risk, and achieve...
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Katelyn N. Brewer

Donor-Centered Online Fundraising

Join in to hear one organization’s experience in online fundraising and share your stories of success and challenge. We will talk about the pros and cons of online fundraising within...
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Nancy Appel

Tin Can Communications

Discover free and easy ways to make the most of your marketing and communication efforts. You will explore free design resources to help you create impactful visuals, strategies to help...
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Ellen Knight

Burn-You-Out to Balanced: Changing Your Culture

How would you like to create a better world inside your organization as well as your community? Wouldn’t it be great if your nonprofit was considered a great place to...
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Kat Morgan

Taming the Email Monster

Left unchecked, email is a monster that can quickly consume you. In this practical and interactive workshop we will examine best practices to manage both your personal inbox and your...
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Arnold Kimmons

Go For the Gold With Your Guidestar profile

Savvy donors and foundations are using Guidestar to learn about your organization. And savvy nonprofits are using Guidestar to tell their story. What does your Guidestar profile say about you?...
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Laura Rhodes

Buzzworthy Communications

Come get informed on how to create buzzworthy communications no matter your organization’s size or scope. In nonprofit communications, we are often expected to move mountains with limited budgets. The...
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Cayci Banks

Case Studies in Strategic Planning

Obtain the skills to help your organization engage in strategic thinking as a continuous process. Doing so will steer your organization in a mission-focused direction and will provide a framework...
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Debbie Jones
David Green
Sherrie Snipes-Williams
Linda Brees

Ramifications Of The New Tax Law

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the “Act”) was passed into law on December 22, 2017 and presents the largest tax reform in the US in thirty years.  While the...
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Clay Grayson

This Little Light

What better way to understand what CommUnity means to our host community of Hilton Head Island than to invite a 40-year veteran observer to share his thoughts relative to the...
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David Lauderdale

NOTE: Together SC and the Summit Committees reserve the right to change the schedule at any time. Changes will be communicated to attendees via the website and/or email.