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Leadership & Organizational Culture

Translating vision into reality and inspiring along the way
05 Mar 2018

What’s Your Influence Style?

Come join us for this popular workshop where you will complete the Change Style Indicator and receive feedback on your influence style. You will get tips on being more effective...
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Janet Porter

Excelling at Executive Transitions

Hear first-hand how one organization transitioned with a new Executive Director and developing Board during the new ED’s first year. Perspectives from both board leadership and Executive Directors will be...
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Kaky Grant
Nichole Myles
Allan Burrows
06 Mar 2018

Playing With Fire: True Colors of Leadership!

Learn to identify your work style. Is it… Task-focused? Conceptual and strategic? Do you focus on the relational values of your work? Are you often the life of the office?...
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Eric Rowles
07 Mar 2018

Unifying an Intergenerational Workplace

Learn strategies to bridge the gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials. This interactive workshop is designed to bring together two specific generations, the Baby Boomers and Millennials. Have you ever...
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Debbie Anderson
Daniel Lentz

Building Your Bench: Developing Your Leadership from Within

Learn how to develop a planning toolkit that outlines specific steps for building your bench strength from within. Doing so will result in high performing teams and strong leadership among...
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Marian Logan
Colleen Bozard

Burn-You-Out to Balanced: Changing Your Culture

How would you like to create a better world inside your organization as well as your community? Wouldn’t it be great if your nonprofit was considered a great place to...
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Kat Morgan