SC's Nonprofit Summit is brought to you by Together SC | MARCH 5 - 7, 2018 | HILTON HEAD

Operations & Planning

From IT to HR to your books and everything in between
05 Mar 2018

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Closes at 5p.m.
06 Mar 2018

Moving Past Growing Pains

Join Michelle Mapp and Chris Manley as they discuss strategic expansion. You will hear their guidance on evaluating and implementing organizational growth. Expect to walk away with concrete next steps...
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Chris Manley
Michelle Mapp

Disaster Recovery Planning While the Sun is Shining

Come learn while the rain and seas and winds are calm what recovery looks like from two battered and bruised first hand survivors of three disasters in Georgetown in the...
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Lucy Woodhouse
Kelly Kaminiski
07 Mar 2018

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Closes at 1p.m.

Save Time and Money with (Free) Online Resources

In this session you will receive a list of vetted online materials geared toward increasing efficiency and minimizing expenditure.  Not only will you leave this session with more resources, but...
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Danielle Breidung

Taming the Email Monster

Left unchecked, email is a monster that can quickly consume you. In this practical and interactive workshop we will examine best practices to manage both your personal inbox and your...
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Arnold Kimmons