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Leadership & Organizational Culture

Translating vision into reality and inspiring along the way
12 Mar 2019

Weathering the Storm

TOPIC TAKEAWAYS 1. Fill skill-gap to more effectively manage change 2. Enhance awareness of adaptive responses 3. Improve ability to focus on facts, not perceptions Leadership is tested and forged...
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Lindsey Vance, PhD
Charles Weathers

Leading a Marathon: Stopping Organizational Burnout

TOPIC TAKEAWAYS 1. Organizational policies that can prevent burnout 2. The role of leaders in creating an organizational culture that prevents burnout 3. The power of self-care to prevent leadership...
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Kat Morgan

What Nonprofit Leaders Need to Know About the Brain

TOPIC TAKEAWAYS 1. How environmental factors change the brain 2. How to mitigate their own biases to improve their communication with staff and clients 3. Three tools that can be...
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Jessica Sharp

Millennials’ Role in South Carolina Nonprofits

TOPIC TAKEAWAYS 1. Learn insights from millennials who have occupied multiple roles within and in conjunction with nonprofit organizations 2. Receive informed advice and evidence-based approaches for attracting and retaining...
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Bailey Shorr
Anne Caywood
Danielle Breidung

What I Wish I Knew as a New ED… Plus Mentoring Program

TOPIC TAKEAWAYS 1. Learn tips for new EDs from actual EDs 2. Learn ideas on how to spend your first 100 days (or next 100) 3. Increase contacts for supporting...
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Dana McConnell

Finding the Courage for Collaboration during Divisive Times

TOPIC TAKEAWAYS 1. Have a deeper understanding for the important of collaboration for promoting improved community safety, resilience and well-being 2. Learn key techniques for fostering empathy through courageous conversations...
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Kassy Alia