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Operations & Planning

From IT to HR to your books and everything in between
12 Mar 2019

Band-Aids to Bad Guys: Turning Perils into Protection

TOPIC TAKEAWAYS 1. Learn to think of safety as part of an office routine 2. Help educate and engage staff, coworkers and stakeholders 3. Understand steps to create a plan...
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Alan Kleinfeld

Building Bridges with Elected Leaders

TOPIC TAKEAWAYS 1. Learn how to seek a win-win with policy makers 2. Learn how to be a go-to source of information 3. Hear from community members about their experiences...
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Derek Lewis

The Not-So-Sexy Side of Nonprofit Work – Operations 101

TOPIC TAKEAWAYS 1. Identify the “must-haves” for nonprofit operations departments 2. Identify where the operations gaps are in the attendee’s organization from the “musts” we go over 3. Leave with...
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Dawn Dowden
Stig Rasmussen

A Design-Centric Approach to Developing Policies

TOPIC TAKEAWAYS 1. Understanding of how the process of design thinking can be used in operations and planning 2. Simple tools to apply design thinking to the development of internal...
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Stephanie Isaacs