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Development? May the Force Be With You

12 Mar 2019
Session IV - 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Redbud AB

Development? May the Force Be With You


1. Ways to leverage the latest technology and high value resources to exponentially increase the effectiveness of fundraising professionals (every heroine needs her tool belt)

2. How to improve ROI through talent development, retention and engagement (how to keep the hero fulfilled for their next opportunity to ‘save the world’)

3. Best practices for skills and functions to outsource versus which to grow in-house (when to bring in the cavalry)

In small nonprofit organizations, development professionals require near superhuman skill sets. They need to be experts in annual appeals, event fundraising, capital campaigns, large donor solicitation, grant research and writing, endowment-building and planned giving-and yet each of these is a specific discipline in and of itself.

In many organizations, they are also expected to lead the marketing function, with a knowledge of brand-building, development of emotional and wallet-opening copy, annual reports, websites and a social media presence (not to mention public and media relations.) Think that’s not enough? Volunteer management is also often a part of the mix. They build the strategy, the development and marketing plans, the budget, and must raise the money to make all of this happen, including their own salary, a salary that is generally woefully low. Wow! Who ARE these unassuming heroes and heroines?

Undoubtedly, having proficiency across all aspects of a development officer’s purview is a near impossible mission. However, just like the classic heroic archetypes, with the right tools (think 007’s gadgets), teachers (think Professor Dumbledore to Harry Potter) and community (think Luke Skywalker’s Force), a fundraising professional can be equipped, trained and supported for the challenge at hand.

During this inspired session, three long-time ‘renaissance women’ (and multi-caped heroines with special powers in their own right) share best practices for progressing along the development hero’s journey and keeping that hero engaged (rising to the challenges) for the long haul.

We will provide guidance on how top organizations have identified and grown their high potential development talent and armed them with the tools, training and support required to complete their missions time and again. Three dynamic and high-energy speakers will keep the audience engaged through stories of iconic heroes and heroines, compelling real-world examples and interactive journey-mapping. You won’t want to miss this epic event!