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Emergency Succession Planning – The Board’s Role

Session IV
12 Mar 2019
Session IV - 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Redbud C

Emergency Succession Planning – The Board’s Role


1. Deeper understanding of the risks of NOT having an emergency succession plan

2. Hear ideas on how to get started developing one and understand how this benefits succession planning

3. Have a template for developing your own emergency succession plan

We often avoid discussing the possibility of an executive director’s illness, injury or death – but we avoid it at the peril of the organization’s health and stability. When emergency circumstances do occur, there is an enormous level of stress experienced by an organization’s staff, board, funders, and recipients of service. The board of directors has a deep responsibility to ensure that an agreed upon plan is in place for short-term, longer-term, and even permanent absence of the E.D. potential of a sudden loss of the executive director, due to his or her essential role in the success of the organization. But how to get started and who does what? Join us for an engaged, interactive session to find out!