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Face Time, or How to Climb Mount Everest and Not Die!

11 Mar 2019
3:01 pm - 5:00 pm
Redbud AB

Face Time, or How to Climb Mount Everest and Not Die!

Ever looked at the phone and thought you’d rather do anything else, like climb Mount Everest in sandals, than have to cold call a prospective donor? Ever stood in the doorway of a room full of people wondering how you can possibly make connections in a sea of strangers?

The success of our work depends on our ability to get face time with our donors, volunteers and community members and to personally connect with them. Join us for this fun, productive session that will help us stare down two of our biggest (and similar!) fears in fundraising – working a room and making cold calls.

This session is for all nonprofit leaders who want to be better at making connections, engaging prospective donors through events, and getting the first visit with a successful outcome. We’ll explore how to maximize and professionalize our socializing opportunities when meeting new donors at events. (How DO we break into those seemingly impenetrable small groups of chatting people??)

We’ll discuss how to survive and even thrive in the dangers of cold calling and get an appointment for that all-important first visit. We’ll plan for how to start the conversation in a visit with a donor and how to end the visit ensuring a productive next step. You will come away with new ideas and skills to warm up your interactions with prospective donors at an event, on the phone and in a visit.