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Millennials’ Role in South Carolina Nonprofits

12 Mar 2019
Session III - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Redbud C

Millennials’ Role in South Carolina Nonprofits


1. Learn insights from millennials who have occupied multiple roles within and in conjunction with nonprofit organizations

2. Receive informed advice and evidence-based approaches for attracting and retaining millennials within nonprofit organizations

3. Strategies that board members and existing senior leaders can take to build a pipeline of millennial leaders

In this session, two millennials who have been participating in community-based work since childhood as well as one senior nonprofit leader will unpack the role of millennials within South Carolina nonprofits through a light-hearted and evidence-based conversation. The presentation will integrate personal experiences with research findings to explain what many millennials seek in terms of their career endeavors, as well as ways that nonprofit organizations can make themselves particularly attractive to this group of highly-motivated and tech-savvy professionals. The speakers will also address retention, particularly flexibility, other incentives, and leadership development opportunities, that will positively impact South Carolina nonprofits by ensuring that its next generation of leaders are mentored and sufficiently trained. In order to have strong and well-staffed organizations in the future, it is important to consider strategies that can be adopted today to attract, develop, and retain the generation of young professionals that values social impact, technology, and flexibility, sometimes even more than a paycheck. Come join us to find out more!