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What Nonprofit Leaders Need to Know About the Brain

12 Mar 2019
Session II - 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Redbud AB

What Nonprofit Leaders Need to Know About the Brain


1. How environmental factors change the brain

2. How to mitigate their own biases to improve their communication with staff and clients

3. Three tools that can be taught to clients to decrease their stress level

Did you know that poverty physically changes the brain? Did you know traumatic experiences can do the same? Did you know that our brains are all biased against certain groups of people? This session will provide education about how poverty and trauma impact the brains and lives of those we are striving to help. We will also discuss unconscious bias and how it impacts our work on a daily basis. The session will wrap up with a discussion about brain informed programming and best practices that you can both utilize in your work and teach to your staff.