SC's Nonprofit Summit is brought to you by Together SC | MARCH 4 - 6, 2020 | COLUMBIA

A Few of My Favorite Things

04 Mar 2020
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Palmetto I

A Few of My Favorite Things

Walk away with a ton of tech tools and tips from a professional coach and speaker who uses them daily.

As nonprofit leaders, many of us find ourselves playing the role of trainer, facilitator, or marketer. With all those hats, it’s important to have some tricks up your sleeve to improve efficiency, create fun, and wow your audiences. And, you’ll pick up some great tools to help you manage all the roles you play.

Jinks Perspective President Patrick Jinks will demonstrate some very cool, inexpensive tech tools in a fun, highly interactive workshop that will put some new ideas in your head for workshops, focus groups, social media, personal productivity and planning, communications, and more!

Pre-Summit Workshop: $50