SC's Nonprofit Summit is brought to you by Together SC | MARCH 4 - 6, 2020 | COLUMBIA

Creating a Culture of Inclusion

05 Mar 2020
3:45 pm - 5:15 pm
Capital IV

Creating a Culture of Inclusion

Viewing diversity and inclusion as a leadership function is vital for well- functioning organizations. Years of experience have taught us that a diverse, inclusive workplace doesn’t just happen. Yet, as we look to the future, we recognize that huge demographic shifts are happening that impact society, requiring strategic diversity and intentional inclusion be practiced at every level to optimize performance. In this session, Dr. Nika White will help participants understand the essentials of intentional inclusion leadership as paramount to successful organizations and thriving communities.

Session takeaways:

  • This session will empower and equip participants to build their inclusion leadership competency through knowledge transfer and experiential engagement.
  • Participants will understand intervention strategies to disrupt bias that can hinder relationships and compromise an inclusive culture.
  • Raise awareness regarding the significance of diversity, equity and inclusion to organizations