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Project Management for Skills-Based Volunteering, Part II

04 Mar 2020
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Palmetto II

Project Management for Skills-Based Volunteering, Part II

Skills-based volunteering (SBV) is the practice of lending one’s professional skills to community organizations in a way that helps them affect social change. Companies across the world are embracing SBV as a way to increase employee engagement, improve talent development, and drive increased impact in their communities. Increasingly nonprofits are seeking ways to incorporate this interest in SBV into their volunteer engagement and overall strategic planning. The session will focus on how nonprofits can leverage the power of SBV to improve the capacity of their organizations, strengthening their infrastructure and expanding their ability to deliver upon their mission. With tangible instruction on analyzing organizational needs, crafting discrete projects to recruit prospective volunteers, best practices on the ongoing supervision and management of skilled-volunteers, and tips for evaluating the success of projects, attendees will leave with the knowledge and tools needed to apply what they’ve learned to immediate SBV engagements.

Hosted by Common Impact, this full-day workshop on Project Management & Skills-Based Volunteering, facilitated by Marjie Bland, will equip attendees with the tools, resources and know-how to implement a project within their own organization. The full-day workshop consists of BOTH Session I and Session II. Attendees are strongly encouraged to attend both in order to receive the full benefit of the complete workshop.

This is a TWO part workshop. (9:00AM-12:00PM AND 2:00PM-5:00PM)

Pre-Summit Workshop: $50

Presented by AmeriCorps